Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Systems

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CORTEX Inc. manufactures and Develops highly intelligent Electronic devices and Robotic systems. These are Third generation of machines after spinal level and cerebeller level. Which simulates exact working of cerebral cortex of human brain. We manufacture and develops two types of products.


Cortex Robots are highly intelligent mobile electronic devices which are powered by Thinking Circuit. These devices possess the ability of Thinking, Thoughts and Automation. These Robotic systems develops such that they can simulate humans nature. The Hardware component of cortex robots manufacture according to function, need of work and clients requirements. Software components are powered by Thinking Circuit.


Automated Decision Taking Devices are the baby version of Cortex Robots without motion component. These are the devices which increases the smartness of other electronic Gadgets such as mobile phones, computers or even devise small as Tube light, AC etc..It acts as intelligent component for other electronic devices.






Cortex Robots and ADTDs  both are powered by Thinking Circuit.


  1. Embedded system Engineers
  2. Software Engineers
  3. Computer Engineers
  4. Mechanical Engineers



We will fulfill every humans requirement through our machines 

  1.  Clean food – free from pathogens
  2.  Clean air – free from pollution
  3.  Clean water – free from microbes
  4.  Clean lights – free from more UV
  5.  Protection – free from violence
  6.  Clean sexual intercourse – free from HIV or other diseases.
  7.  Clean source of energy – Resource based system
  8.  Clean environment – through best waste management system